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LITTLE ANGEL album cover. A young man is sitting on a park bench staring into the sunset



"LITTLE ANGEL" is a sunny and captivating journey that immerses you in the world of carefree teenage love and the vibrant spirit of youth. In this breezy summer anthem, Charles Edward invites you to relive those unforgettable moments of first loves and the excitement of growing up. The song's cheerful lyrics and catchy melodies will have you tapping your feet and singing along, all while evoking a sense of nostalgia.

With lines like "She's always sneaking away, Her parents can't make her stay," the song embodies the youthful spirit of rebellion and the joy of embracing newfound independence. It's a musical ode to the thrill of youth, capturing the essence of teenage adventures, secret rendezvous, and the thrill of first love.


With its upbeat storytelling and infectious charm, "LITTLE ANGEL" adds a unique chapter to Charles Edward's musical journey. It's an invitation to celebrate the bright side of life, youthful rebellion, and the pure joy of living in the moment. This track encapsulates the essence of warm summer days and the beauty of connections that make life truly memorable.

Alternate picture of the LITTLE ANGEL cover. A young man laying on a bench, in a park with trees around.
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