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Album cover for NERVOUS. A man sitting in chair while reading a book. An orange sunset in the background



NERVOUS" takes you on a musical journey into the thrilling world of heart-fluttering emotions when you're seriously into someone. You know, that moment when your heart skips a beat and you can't think straight?

The song's lyrics and melodies perfectly capture that giddy feeling when you can't help but smile around that special someone. It's like they're the only person in the room, and you're floating on air.

In simple terms, "NERVOUS" is about wanting to be the one they pick, hoping they'll always remember you, and the excitement of falling hard for someone. It's a song that gets what it's like to be head over heels for someone special.

So, give "NERVOUS" a listen, and let's dive together into the world of love and butterflies. It's a song that celebrates those magical moments that make life unforgettable.

An orange sunset over water
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