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SOLO album cover



"Solo" is a musical odyssey that delves into the story of a protagonist who becomes entranced by a free-spirited solo-traveling woman. The song's evocative lyrics and melodies capture the fleeting, bittersweet nature of connections formed during one's early twenties, offering listeners an authentic glimpse into the artist's personal journey of self-discovery and youthful love.

Lyrically, "Solo" features lines such as "there's no attachments on the run," which beautifully encapsulate the essence of the transient nature of love in the context of a nomadic lifestyle. This line reflects the idea that genuine connections can be fleeting when one is constantly on the move, a sentiment that many can relate to during the formative years of their lives. "Solo" is an honest and heartfelt expression of Charles Edward's experiences and emotions, inviting listeners to join him in embracing the adventure of life and the search for authenticity.

With its sincere storytelling and melodic charm, "Solo" is poised to be a significant debut for Charles Edward, a composition that resonates with those who are navigating the complexities of early adulthood, love, and self-exploration. This track marks the beginning of a promising musical journey for the emerging artist, offering a heartfelt invitation to explore the thrill of life's adventures and the pursuit of meaningful connections.

Still shot from the SOLO music video where we see a young man, Charles Edward, playing guitar next to an open window
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